Karim Adduchi: "I want to show how strong Berber women are"

During opening night at the 25th edition of Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam, audiences can marvel at the newest collection from talented Moroccan designer Karim Adduchi. The collection, entitled She lives behind the courtyard door, is partially inspired by the Berber woman. 

In his graduate collection last year, She knows why the caged bird sings, Adduchi already looked to Berber women for inspiration. This time, he's returning again to his Moroccan roots. "My new collection is a continuation of my graduate collection. I'm trying to portray everything in a single look: from their individuality to their strengths and weaknesses."

She lives behind the courtyard door

For his upcoming collection, Adduchi's roots play a vital rol in the entire creative process. "I actually go back to Morocco and meet the people, do the research, see and feel the fabrics, then start from there with the design process." In this collection, Adduchi makes generous use of wool, leather, suede, cotton and woven fabrics, then transforms them with plexiglas, plastic and paint.

Photo by Milan Gino
Photo by Milan Gino

Inspired by Morocco

"All of my work is based on my Moroccan roots and my childhood. And I do that for a reason," explains Adduchi. "Firstly, the better I know myself, the better I can express myself. That makes it easier for the public to understand me. Secondly, it's so important for me to portray the other side of Moroccan society and inspire other young Moroccan designers. I don’t do it just because I love it, but also because I feel a certain responsibility."

"All of my work is based on my Moroccan roots and my childhood."

Social document

Adduchi calls fashion a 'social document.' What he means, he says, is that fashion tells a story about the context of the moment. "You can tell a lot of stories with fashion. Personally, I have a connection to fashion because my parents both made clothing." Adduchi's vision for fashion is based on memories, excitement and expression, and he would never want to work for someone else. "I prefer to tell my own stories. I always want to be a storyteller, using fashion and art to tell my tales. My dream is to be a fashion designer, a visual artist."

"I want to be a fashion designer, a visual artist."

Karim Adduchi's catwalk show is scheduled for Thursday, 7 July, by invitation only.

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