Amsterdam eyewear brand joins Selfridges' sustainable 'Material World' campaign

Dick Moby dubbed one of the 'most exciting names in sustainable style'

When it comes to sustainability, the London department store on Oxford Street is training its gaze on game changers in the sustainable fashion sector. Young brands and designers are being given their own window displays as part of the 'Material World' campaign. Amsterdam eyewear brand Dick Moby joins seven other designers, including Swedish label Deadwood and British brand Le Kilt, in the lineup. 

The goal of Selfridges' 'Material World' campaign is to set a new standard for how we approach clothes. With their slogan, 'What on earth are you wearing?', Selfridges wants to challenge people to think about the story behind their clothes and lifestyle products. Transparency is the norm: by actively informing customers about materials and production methods, the department store is setting a new standard for the industry, too. 

Amsterdam pride

The mission of Amsterdam eyewear brand Dick Moby, founded in 2014 by Robbert Wefers Bettink and Tim Holland, is to reduce plastic pollution without compromising look and quality. All of the brand's glasses are handmade in Italy from high quality, sustainable materials. The black frames are made from 97% recycled plastic production waste, while the cases are made of recycled leather and the cleaning cloths from recycled PET bottles. The Selfridges campaign is a confirmation that sustainability is now a key subject in the world of fashion. Dick Moby co-founder Tim Holland: "We believe in a future in which quality and sustainability go hand in hand. It's amazing that a big name like Selfridges is offering this kind of platform to sustainable products. It shows that sustainability is a hot topic and gives a boost to products that are doing good instead of polluting." 

New audience

Dick Moby eyewear is sold at around 350 locations worldwide, including Paris' famous high-end concept store, Colette, and its London opposite number, Dover Street Market. By taking part in the Selfridges campaign, the Amsterdam brand is hoping to gain access to a new and wider audience.