MAISON the FAUX is a Dutch creative studio and fictional fashion house that officially launched as part of Amsterdam FashionWeek in January 2014. The house is... Read more

F/W 2016 Maison the Faux: Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam



MAISON the FAUX is a Dutch creative studio and fictional fashion house that officially launched as part of Amsterdam FashionWeek in January 2014. The house is under the artistic and business direction of Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer. Both studied fashion design at ArtEZ in Arnhem, graduating in July 2013. The permanent team collaborates with a large group of creative partners, dubbed "les Residents". The label is convinced that ample space for talent and uncompromising designs are a needed addition to today's fashion system.


In just under three years, MAISON the FAUX have already developed their image and signature, presenting the house on both the national and international stage. Since then, the label has produced four collections: ‘It’s Cleaning Day!’, ‘Make a U-turn if Possible’, 'C'est Vrai ou C'est FAUX?', ‘ANNA’ and 'ANNAANNA-ANNAANNA'.

MAISON the FAUX  is a loving response to the modern fashion system. The fictional fashion house is trying to use its collections and presentations to hold a mirror up to the fashion world. To do that, they use archetypes and clichés, only to strip them down, expand them and make them their own. MAISON the FAUX presents fashion as one part of a whole, as a single element in the MAISON the FAUX world and lifestyle. The fashion house's presentations are conceptual, theatrical and could even be classed as performance art.


MAISON the FAUX closed the January 2016 edition of Amsterdam FashionWeek as part of Future Generation. The creative studio filled the Gashouder with a bombastic, conceptual presentation where the idea of a runway show was given a totally new interpretation. The MAISON the FAUX lifestyle was taken to new heights in the overpowering FAUXperience. The audience became players in the show, an installation based on the hysteria that surrounds the entrances and exits of "defiles" in that fashion Mecca, Paris. The audience queued for the chance to queue. They were forced to wait in line to enter the house, while a group of performers, led by director Julie van den Berghe, tested every ego in the crowd. Models disguised as bloggers and it girls and boys paraded through the line, wearing the latest trends and must haves.

MAISON the FAUX, as the Chanel of the lowlands, aspires to lovingly forge a lasting shift that will win over the international fashion scene.

Lookbook Credits: Team Peter Stigter
Video Credits: Studio Collector


Tijdens de 24ste editie van Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam toonde MAISON the FAUX zijn collectie ANNAANNA-ANNAANNA. De experience was onderdeel van Future Generation en was verre van een normale catwalkshow.

Alle stereotypen als de seater, de modellen en de fotografen werden op de hak genomen in een installatie van dranghekken. De modellen leken eerder acteurs waardoor de kleding zelf ondergeschikt werd. Uitgangspunt van deze beleving was gebaseerd op het voorhouden van een spiegel, waarmee het ego werd bekritiseerd. Begin september 2016 gaf het label zijn eerste show tijdens New York Fashion Week.

Lookbook Credits: Team Peter Stigter
Video Credits: Studio Collector


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