Das Leben am Haverkamp

The Das Leben am Haverkamp collective consists of four young fashion designers: Anouk van Klaveren (1991), Christa van der Meer (1988), Dewi Bekker (1990) and... Read more


Das Leben am Haverkamp

The Das Leben am Haverkamp collective consists of four young fashion designers: Anouk van Klaveren (1991), Christa van der Meer (1988), Dewi Bekker (1990) and Gino Anthonisse (1988). All of the members have their own label, but they present as a collective. Together, they create the new context that their boundless way of working demands. 

Unconventional and raw

After graduating from the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague, Van Klaveren, Van der Meer, Bekker and Anthonisse joined forces to form a collective: Das Leben am Haverkamp. Their unconventional approach to design and fashion is reflected in raw work that makes you think. Their designs are often inspired by alter egos, childhood and floral curtains. They explore possible new and uncharted territories during their inventive performances and presentations. 

The designers

Dewi Bekker has a playful perspective on menswear. Her goal is to find the ultimate balance between humour, everyday life and fantasy. The result is an imaginary world of primary colours, plastic materials and classic menswear. As part of her quest for the perfect design, she does research on subjects like transformation, identity, alter egos, Bolivian medicine men, superheroes, traditional European celebrations and James Bond.

Gino Anthonisse is always looking for wonder in his work. True wonder is something that he believes is almost nonexistent in modern society. He reflects on that idea by bringing his wondrous collages to life. By combining classic garments and ethnic elements with unusual materials and techniques, he creates surprising, surrealist designs.

Christa van der Meer's work is often focused on traditions and specific elements of visual culture, which she then translates into a series of paintings, collages and fashion designs. Clothing enables you to express your identity, which is why Van der Meer asks herself how the clothing you wear is connected to your identity. Is clothing still an expression of identity if it's worn by an object instead of a person?

In her work, Anouk van Klaveren explores the sharp edge of aesthetics. Her work revolves around the alienation of the body, where she plays with the cultural relativity of beauty, putting the luxury industry into perspective. She expresses her thought experiments through various media, such as fashion, sculpture, jewellery and performance – a realm of human hair, plastic fringes, golden masks and pearls. 

Experimental laboratory

The headquarters of Das Leben am Haverkamp is a laboratory on the outskirts of The Hague, where experiments are conducted year round. The collective rejects imaginary borders between different disciplines. In January 2017, Das Leben am Haverkamp presented their collection at Paris Men's Fashion Week and showed at Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. 

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Lookbook Credits: Team Peter Stigter